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The initial idea of TLTV Wine started among friends. I travel a lot and enjoy discovering new wines and meeting interesting people. Friends asked me to put this in a blog, initially in German only. After several episodes English speaking friends asked me to do the TLTV episodes in English as well. And the worlds first Bi-lingual wine channel was born. The first episode was aired on YouTube on May 7th 2015.

The format is constantly evolving. The first English episode aired on June 22nd in Lusk Ireland.


TLTV was the first to taste Beaujolais Nouveau, next a wonderful tasting of Lusca. The only commercial Winery in Ireland. The journey progressed from there, visiting wineries in Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Ireland and many other countries. Tasting great wines and meeting excellent people that craft and architect these exceptional wine creations.

A Selection of videos in German. At great location with great wineries. Look at the TLTV section for more exciting videos.

The goal of TLTV is it to share and experience wine adventures together. Look behind the scenes of wineries around the world. Taste the wines and meet the people that make the wines. Open the doors to the wonderful world of wine for everyone. The format will constantly be changing, adopting and evolving. 

Feedback is always welcome and let's make TLTV better together. 

Thank you for watching and Traubenliebe looks forward to welcome you. Subscribe today.

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