Fitness Challenge Introduction



Goal: Loose a few kilos and maintain fitness. Please see if the red wine science thingy works..... EXCITED!

The traubenliebe fitness challenge has started. Why am I doing this.... First of all wining and dining has taken its toll. Right now I need to stay fit for upcoming tasting to keep sharing the wonderful wine adventures. If you want to join feel free and share your progress.

The principle is simple combine sports, normal eating with the benefits of wine also known as the juice of the gods.

1) 4 units of running per week (MO, TU - TH, FR)using Endomundo - half marathon training approx 30 - 80 per work out
2) 3 units of Freeletics - Picking a random one from the list approx 30 minutes per workout (TU, TH, FR) Lots of cool training possibilities without a gym.
3) Eat relatively healthy minimum 4 - 6 meals per day (will share what I am eating)
4) Very important 2dl of Red wine every day in the evening. Whilst drinking the wine the tasting notes will be shared on and facebook, twitter etc.
5) Keep living and enjoying life. At least one "cheat" day per week. More to that later.
6) Supplements: Creatine and Protein Powder (Quick meal replacement if I have no time for a meal.

How will I report back to you.... Tomorrow I will post a few pictures. Show you my runs and a daily: How do I feel right now. I want to this for at least two weeks perhaps longer.

Feedback is welcome and I will probably post a few videos. Now where is my corkscrew and Zalta glas.....



Now to the reasoning/science behind this:

1)…/how-often-should-i-run -
I run 4 times and use different types of running training every day. The "big" one is on monday
I have weak knees and have noticed that when I do strength training either in the gym or body weight excises I run better, faster am fitter and have more enjoyment plus no knee pain!
As a fast eater I need slow down. Furthermore portion control is important. I eat from smaller plates. Eating with chop sticks is a great tip to slow down. Do not try this with soup grin emoticon. Try to cook fresh where possible and eat healthy. I stay away from artificial sweeteners, processed foods and try to eat healthy fats such as: fish (mackerel), avocado, nuts, olive oil etc.,,20477647,00.html. Furthermore I love eating eggs.…/. They keep you satisfied for a long time and avoids snacking. They are easy to prepare and have lots of health benefits. 
4) Resveratrol is one of the key benefits and works really just before you go to bed. I will test this smile emoticon with 2 dl of wine per day duringthis experiment and report back to you.…/resveratrolmaybeanaturalexerc…
5) during the cheat day I will enjoy a glass of wine and naughty things. But this will not be excessive. 
6) Creatine more info here…/6-reasons-you-should-be-taking… and Protein keeps you "filled" longer is more difficult top digest and the powder can safe a little time when stressed but should be an exception. Nothing beats fresh food.


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