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My favorite online shops for wine

Below you find a list of my favorite stores. You find more in the shop category in reviews.  Great pri + READ MORE

How to Describe Wine Colors

When tasting wines it can be a challenge to find the right name for the color of the wine. This is an excellent article about the names for + READ MORE

He claims that playing classical music for his

He claims that playing classical music for his grapes has resulted in a higher sugar content and fewer insect-related infections. + READ MORE

Cabernet Franc - Vitis vinifera

  Origin & History Name and latin name Vitis vinifera Color:  Characteristics:Cabernet Franc is one of the major black gr + READ MORE

Rating a wine.... Why? And What About Your Opinion?

Rating and scoring wines is a part of all the TLTV Wine and tasting notes you find here. Use these as an indicator. traubenliebe aims to be + READ MORE

Drones and Wine

The future is now. Using drones to monitor vine health will result in better fruit, less pesticide, healthier vines and better wine! This vi + READ MORE

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